We are asking you to listen, really listen. Do not listen to formulate a response, but listen to understand.

"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds; are immune to your consultations, they are quite aware of what they are going through."

David BowieChanges, 1971

#DearAdultWorld was born from repression, from pain, from the hearts and minds of young, passionate people longing for a platform to amplify their voices. #DearAdultWorld is that platform. It’s simple: we want teens to be heard, and adults to listen.

#DearAdultWorld is broken up by societal issue, issues that we feel our generation is uniquely qualified to tackle. Our generation is more connected, informed, and much louder than those of the past. We were raised with smartphones in hand, eyes and ears open to struggles far beyond our own. It is now time to enact change using our long silenced voices.

Here are ways you can participate!

A Call for Submissions

Tell the adult world what you’ve been thinking

Get Social

#DearAdultWorld was designed to be a social campaign. Use the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Meet Our Team

The #DearAdultWorld staff is a cohort of devoted activists, artists, and creatives working towards amplifying teen voices and enacting change.

Anna Guyton, 17


Anna Guyton, 17, is a recent graduate of Springdale High School. Anna works in Teen Programming at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, volunteers with Teen Action Support Center, and hosts a midnight radio show every Saturday. In the fall she will be attending Reed College in Portland, OR in order to study Art History.

Diana Campos, 17


Diana Campos, 17, is a rising senior at Springdale High School. She’s involved in student council, the swim and dive team, the literary arts magazine, and is an International Baccalaureate diploma candidate. Although incredibly busy, she spends most of her time listening to music or writing Letterboxd reviews. She aspires to move far away from Arkansas and pursue a career in film.

Jacksun Shane, 18


Jacksun Shane, 18, is one of two art editors on the Dear Adult World staff. They will be attending Columbia College of Chicago this coming fall in order to study photography and illustration.

Patrick Miller, 18


Patrick Miller, 18, can be found outside of Dear Adult World working part time at Flying Burrito or hosting a midnight radio show on KPSQ every Saturday. He otherwise spends his time reading and biking, and plans to attend Tulane University in the coming fall to study political science and English.

Ianna Williams, 18


Ianna Williams, 18, recently graduated from Springdale High School. Ianna is currently volunteering at the Arts Center of the Ozarks as a stage manager for their next musical. She will be attending the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR, this coming fall to study Art History.

Calvin Ryerse, 16

Media Editor

Calvin Ryerse, 16, is an upcoming senior at the Don Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale. He is a passionate activist, amateur filmmaker and critic, and works at a local fast food joint. You can also hear him host Restless on KPSQ (97.3 Fayetteville) at midnight with other staff members Anna and Patrick. He plans to attend film school in the coming years.

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