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Inclusivity, Accountability, and the Me Too Movement - #DearAdultWorld
Gender Politics

Inclusivity, Accountability, and the Me Too Movement

By February 22, 2018 No Comments

With Anna Guyton and Diana Campos 

Anna: What types of issues fall under the category of Gender Politics?

Diana: Abortion, Maternity leave, transgender issues, women in politics, and anything that affects women of any kind.

Anna: Are you personally drawn to any one of these issues?

Diana: I used to be really big on talking about abortion, just because the kids at my junior high were very ignorant on the subject. In eighth grade I wrote a speech about abortion in my english class.

Anna: What draws you towards general gender politics?

Diana: I’m a girl and so some of it affects me directly, and some of it affects my friends.  I feel like I’m responsible in advocating for women and being a part of the movement.

Anna: Speaking of movements, the Me Too movement has recently been taking up most of the conversation regarding feminism and gender politics. What are your thoughts on the Me Too movement?

Diana: It’s a good thing, as it shows the scale of sexual assault, it’s so common. There were so many people saying “me too me too me too”… I’ve watched interviews with Terana Burke, the founder of the movement, and she vocalized that the hashtag is a way for women to support each other just in a simple way, without having to tell their story. A lot of people cant express or come to terms with it (sexual assault) so its a simple way to relate to others.

Anna: Do you have any critiques of the movement?

Diana: Not necessarily the idea behind it (or the movement itself), but I was irritated when people were vocalizing their support and then doing things that didn’t correlate with supporting the movement. There were actors advocating for the movement and then working with directors or other actors with a history of abusing women.

Anna: Is this the turning point that people have made it out to be, or is it another passing phase?

Diana: Just recently the conversation surrounding the movement has gone down since award season has past, but its impact is still important. It’s making it easier for people to come to terms with sexual assault and women supporting each other.


Anna: How has our generation handled gender issues in comparison to past generations?

Diana: Our generation is more open to dealing with issues and getting involved. We are becoming advocates for things, being more open about talking about things, and being more inclusive. A good example of this is the increase of women including trans people in their feminism. There’s always people that are resistant but I think that the majority is more inclusive than before.

Anna: How do you see social media affecting that shift?

Diana: Mass media affects how quickly people can jump on things and relate to things. Obviously the Me Too movement was a hashtag that went viral. Suddenly things are right there in front of them, and people are more likely to support things that they are seeing directly. In the past they simply might not have known what was being talked about. Nowadays even if something isn’t happening here, people can see that it does happen to people somewhere else.

Anna: How do you see feminism adapting in the future? Where do we go from here? What issues do we need to tackle next?

Diana: A lot of people still don’t include trans people into the feminist movement. White feminism is a huge problem. I know girls that post all these pro-women things but they don’t care about black women or latina women. It’s more complicated than just your gender, the issues are all intersectional. For example, a lot of women will address the pay gap but wont recognize that white women make more than black women. Being more inclusive.

Anna: Could there ever be equality among the genders?

Diana: Eh… sexism is always going to be there. It’s always been there. Even in religion women were told that they were below men. It would be a long time before people get it out of their heads that that is they norm. I mean I dont think there can ever be total equality, there will always be a tipping of the scales. Even if it won’t happen, though, it can get close.

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