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Un-black - #DearAdultWorld

There is irony in the addressing of my pigmentation.

Why do so many people find it necessary to point out to me how… “un-black” I am?
And do they not realize that they are, as a result, only emphasizing how much the color of my skin actually helps identify me?

But what is “un-black”?
To address the question, one has to address the stereotypes being thrown upon the shoulders of an entire race.

Is it not characteristic of a REAL black man to have an education? To dress in normal clothes?

Should a black man need to slur his words just shy of comprehension in order to be correctly identified as the race he represents everyday by daring to wear his own skin?

The confidence one must hold to believe they may discern the true race of a man based on his character…

By denying the stereotypes placed upon a race by others and upheld by the ethnic majority, one might be seen to be uplifting one’s race.

Instead, he is denied any support on all fronts, simply because he is not characteristic of what such a person might look like, sound like, or act like.

How very black it must be to be “un-black.”

by Anonymous 

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