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I Am - #DearAdultWorld

by Bine Domnick 

I am a girl

I am a woman

I am in charge of bearing the children

I am to please

 Not tease

For my body was made to be played

  like a symphony


I am a student

I am a robot

I am seeking, thriving, dying most days

I am in competition they say

Always have straight A’s

For I was bitch slapped if it was any other way

Fighting for a job I would most likely hate

Collecting data for a company I didn’t make


I am a daughter

I am a cook

I am clean

For I was taught that a man likes things to be pristine

So that he would never leave

I learned the colors black and blue

before that time was due


I am brown

I am marshallese

I am the face of my culture

Every move is evaluated, manipulated

So it can be effectuated in certain times

To clench my teeth and smile at sexist jokes


And bat an eye at the racist bloke

I am an immigrant


I have seen them all

But experienced none

I would be what you call a wandering nun

   Oops pardon me for I have let you see

Now you can judge me


I am all these things

But why must they define me

Bursting through the bubble of truth

Waiting to see what becomes of me

Judging minds;

And wondering eyes made me wish to die

Or else live in another lifetime

Although I may never find some truth

Till next time

I bid ado.

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