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Endangerment - #DearAdultWorld


This series of photographs I have worked on capture a major issue in today’s world: Species Endangerment. I tried to capture the true meaning behind the jeopardy they are in and show it in a way that is easy to see. As the world changes, the animals that live in it begin to fade away.

This sequence of pictures is used in order to represent the destruction that is coming to the animal kingdom. All of the animals that are depicted are classified as endangered or vulnerable. In today’s world, overhunting, pollution, and habitat destruction are major concerns when it comes to animals and how their lives are at risk. Humans hardly comprehend the impact that they can have on the world around them. They don’t recognize the true harm that they can cause. I used my skills as a photographer in order to give these animals a voice when they have none.

This work encompasses the meaning of animal endangerment. I want people to see that their impact can have an effect on the world, and I want them to alter how they perceive it. I used Photoshop in order to exhibit the truth of their vulnerability. Knowing how to use this program was a key technique when it came to bringing an important message through the photographs. I was inspired to incorporate these threatened species into my work as I have a great love for all living things. Orangutans, gorillas, tigers, elephants, rhinos, lions, and more are all affected by human impact and they are all in danger of extinction. I want people to know how much peril these animals are in, and I think this series shows that.

When I was working on these pieces I had one thought in my mind: make a difference. My goal is to expose the change in these animals’ world and maybe bring about a change in ours. People need to know how they are damaging the world we live in, and they need to come to the conclusion that we do not have a second world to live on. We need to preserve the one we have now, and the only way to do this is by illuminating the problem and making people understand. That is what these images try to do.

Carson Redwine, 17

Find Carson on Instagram! @credwine_22

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