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A Manufactured Forest - #DearAdultWorld

A Manufactured Forest

Charlie Heatherly, 16

Tell me, since when did the trees become so dark?

Cement and mortar have struck their heart.

Grasping onward into the sky,

They have no end to the corporate eye.

Tell me, how did the rivers become so bare?

A coat of asphalt they now wear,

And the sun can not smile as before,

For cages of black line the shore. 

Tell me, where did the animals’ spirit go?

The birds would dash to and fro,

But now they huddle close in a pack,

All heads down, no music, no track.

Tell me that not all is lost.

I do not care about the cost,

I do not see a reason to wait,

And give more time for fruitless debate.

We can plant the seeds for tomorrow,

We can walk a path for the lost to follow.

We can make the rivers dance again,

We, together, can amends.

Photo: “Home” by Maya Murry, 17