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Better Days - #DearAdultWorld

Better Days

Darren Jackson, 17

The world seems to be engulfed in gloom

Weather oscillating from a lot of sunshine to slim

Like flowers would never again bloom

And for the human race, good times will never fall upon them

Sickness spreading like a wildfire

People that are known across are dying

The air within is feeling like it’s running out as if we were tires

2020 is starting to look like just another bad year, but we have to keep trying

And press on, we have surpassed things of this sort before

At the end of every tunnel is some sort of light

We must be more persistent than waves that crash on shores

Or a bold brave boxer fighting in a ring for his life

All bad things must come to an end would be a fitting statement for this time

And when they do, we won’t need lamps or street lights, because we will naturally shine

Artwork by: Maya Murry, 17, she/her

We’re Dead When We Decide

Through my art and writing, it has always been hidden patterns in reality that inspire me. From blizzards in Pennsylvania to sand-tornados in Arabia; freckles in an iris to spots on Jupiter, patterns anywhere, everywhere, are my medium.