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Have You Earned Your Tomorrow? - #DearAdultWorld

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow?

Isabella Tome, 16, she/her/hers

Imaginary greatness, an artificial realm.
A world we sought to refine but yet we so brutally ravaged.
Fixed on success without any repercussions.
Profiting off the punishment of others, like a cycle it repeats.
Comparable to putting salt on an open wound that is struggling to scab over.
Salt seeps through the skin and burns the wound like the trees of the Amazon that were once emerald and
luxurious in numbers.
Like an overworked teenager manifested with angst, the air is defeated by inhabilitating chemicals that we
so capriciously choose to ignore.
Mankind will solely acknowledge what they desire.

Imagine the perfect conclusion, like a sigh of reprieve, with a symphony of colors.
A painting that reflects the immaculate earth that had once existed.
Mother nature gracefully strokes her blank canvas with the purest shades of pink and purple pastels.
So carefully blending the cotton candy clouds with the naked shades of yellow.
All the while the day meets her slumber.

Envision now, a manufactured tangerine glow that blisters the bare eyes that dares to look.
The stale air and rusted trees are now stiff from toxins.
Not a single entity in sight, like fallen beings into the abyss of nothingness.
Silence stood there, mocking all of our mistakes.
Night and day have clashed at the horizon.
Darkness slowly envelops our atmosphere.
Like the world had been caged in by the monsters that we feared so greatly.
Here remains the last sunset ever to be.
Magnificent and beautiful but for no one to see.

The great eagle soars no more.
The greed of us humans had broken its wings.
Our world needs justice, for justice was never endowed.
Inhumanity has shown its truths so viciously.
We live vicariously through our mass-produced goods and its eradication of ingenuity.

There has been an accepted sequence that after every sunset, a sunrise will soon follow,
But there’s no need now.
Every day is fogged up by darkness;
Blinded by the darkness of the day,
We may never see tomorrow again.
So I challenge you, “Have you earned your tomorrow?”

Superficial Desire

Artwork by: Danian Arguello, 18, he/him/his