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It's a Girl - #DearAdultWorld

It’s a Girl

Celine Houenou, 15, she/her/hers


Congratulations its a girl
It’s time for pink and frilly dresses and pearls
She’s just a baby not aware of the misogyny she’ll face
but now its kindergarten, looks like she’ll finally get a taste
It starts with o you run like a girl, don’t be a sissy, and pink is a girly color
Man up, don’t cry, don’t act like a girl cause somehow that makes you

And I convinced myself that my favorite color’s green
Cause I’ve internalized it and reject all feminine things
So tell me why it’s acceptable to denounce femininity
We deem it as inferior and relinquish its divinity
Calling other girls basic to hide from our own insecurities
Its destructive only giving in to patriarchal conformity
So now its middle school and suddenly my shoulders are a crime
Oh god forbid they see my bra straps or my stomach or my thigh
They say the boys will get distracted well then tell them not to stare
I’m just a kid so please stop sexualizing me for what I wear
You’re only telling girls to be ashamed of their body, that it’s inherently sexy
and warrants condemnation

You’re only telling boys that if girls wear what they wear that they must
want it and you normalize objectification
So I break the rules I’m isolated cause I stepped out of line
Why is it you value his education over mine?
Let’s jump to highschool cause that’s where the slut-shaming begins
Ashley’s a hoe she slept w Cole no she’s no longer a virgin
Cole’s done this so many times why is it not the same for him

As she’s berated he’s congratulated its just another win
And we’re sixteen walking alone when a man says he likes our clothes and
the way we look inside them
I’m terrified, I didn’t realize that my body was a walking advertisement
And I’m young when I gain this fear of men
Cause I’m not the only one, it happens time and time again.
Women just can’t win men love our bodies for their enjoyment
But are quick to criticize and scrutinize when girls use it for their

Love us on magazines and movie screens
but not in public when we breastfeed
got men making decisions about our bodies they could never understand
Tryna revoke our autonomy that was always the plan
constantly constantly under attack
But we’re emotional if we choose to clap back
I’m already sick of it I don’t wanna pay the price
And you know what, pink is pretty nice.