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The Search for Justice - #DearAdultWorld

Justice for MY Community

Liliana Acevedo, 13 (when submitted), she/her/hers


Joselyn Mejia, 13, she/her/hers

What is Justice?

Justice is fairness, fair play, equity
Our society is at its worst
People suffer
People kill
People hurt
People bleed

Our society needs justice
We need justice for that girl,
She was nine,
She was murdered by her own cousin
Many people cried
Where is her JUSTICE

People suffer
People kill
People hurt
People bleed
We need justice for that girl that was trafficked by her father
Where is her JUSTICE

People are devastated
People are mad
People are tired

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She’s black and proud
She is so harsh and brutally honest
but, hey she’s funny she’s sweet rarely 

She is an African Princess
And is a living goddess
Girl slays and lives

We’re different but love makes it not matter
She’s careful and cares
She’s a demon when bored but a fun one
She’s a beautiful black girl 

I find it amazing that the stereotypes aren’t true
Her and her family aren’t what people say
She is my best friend. 

Artist’s Statement:

My best friend is black and I’m Hispanic and because of that, we are seen as less. We have to deal with discrimination and lower quality of healthcare, education, etc. After George Floyd, I cried and felt sad because that could be my friend. I could’ve lost someone. I am so fortunate but that family wasn’t. It sucks that this happens on a daily basis. It makes me frustrated as well that I can’t do anything big or even small. So here’s my poem. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Legally Black

Anya Yirenkyi, 14, she/her/hers

We dance with danger from a distance
And we rant with anger in dissonance
In disarray, we pray today that freedom becomes more than an ideal…
More than an obsolete opportunity we fight to feel that is bound by human tears and cries for
justice but…
Just this …
How can we obtain these opportunities with their knees on our necks struggling for breath to
breathe the words that they profess?
As long as you follow the law
And I know this might seem regal
But to follow the law we have to be black, and to them
Even that’s illegal

“Multiple Personalities”

Ditika Laya Kashyap, 14, she/her/hers