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The Young Revolutionaries Collection - #DearAdultWorld

Editor’s Introduction:

I woke up this morning, much like many others across the country, with a deep well of sadness in my soul. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, news of another mass shooting in Rochester, the continued COVID-19 crisis, the continued push to end racial inequity. In my personal life, things don’t feel any less strange and bleak. I’m living on a bus, working with a political organization to stop the reelection of the big orange goblin, stressed and overworked with my jobs and school. Friends are calling me, scared because of the fires near their home, unsure when again they’ll be able to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

This latest collection from #DearAdultWorld is called “The Young Revolutionaries Collection”. Our mission is to always present to the world some kind of articulation of the elusive teenage experience and we realized that we were lacking voices from the ages 13 to 15. Here you’ll find people starting their journies on the road to justice; wrestling with what it means to be a change-maker, an artist, a revolutionary.

I wrote back in April that “For a plethora of reasons that are different and heartbreaking for every one of us, this is some real shit that we’re living through.” I can’t imagine how much more confusing this time must be for a young person who is just starting to come into their own. It should not be on these kids to fix your mess. And yet, here we are. So, what are you going to do?

– Calvin Ryerse
Editor-in-Chief of #DearAdultWorld

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“Darkness Before the Dawn”

Visual Art by: Samika Agarwal, 15, she/her/hers

The pandemic has served as a wake-up call for mankind and provides a chance to rebuild a more thoughtful and tolerant society. I wanted to juxtapose two perspectives on our current world: destruction, pain, and intolerance alongside the changes and regrowth that tragedy often makes possible. Using representational and symbolic images, I depict today’s heroes, such as healthcare workers and protestors, alongside negative forces including the coronavirus, global warming, and police brutality. Despite our challenges, we still feel hope for a better future, as evidenced by the sunrise, growing plants, travelers, and waterfalls. Pain usually paves the way to healing.
Find Samika on Instagram at @ssamiika