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Politicize Me & The Cup - #DearAdultWorld

Kaley Kane, 17, she/her/hers

Politicize Me

The Cup

Article one
will address (and outlaw)
butter soft skin,

and in the same breath
put it up for sale.

Underside of an elbow,
the gaps inside the toes,
all cotton-stuffed and sweat-soaked,

buried by a bill.
Legislate the life
out of a God,

from which all life must first spring.
Am I but eminent domain? A ward
of the state, with subsidized insides?

Noah and his new ark,
he propels so gallantly
away from unorthodoxy or

And into fertility,
oozing like grass out of orifices.

Dew-drop-drenched grass, oh
it draws so dangerously down to

The mowers come, they
dress as Senators they dress
as dads.

They crumple a flower that
they forced to comply.
Somehow, it’s less wrong when they watch things die.

I am the subject of
a Picasso:

A soft and yielding
machine for suffering.

Equipped with give
beneath my flesh.

Equipped to give
with my flesh.

The ability to bottom out,
to sway and shapeshift.

Like liquid clings to its

Its beloved captor and
melting captive.

Visual Art: “Invasion of the Giant Girls”

Dear Adult World,
At only 17, I am confident that I’ve met the most powerful, inspiring group of women and girls on the planet. Lucky for me, they live in my house, at my school, and at my job. That is what I have come here to tell you about; the potential energy present all around us, both tapped and untapped, both good and bad, and where that energy lives, in the heart of the girls around us. I photographed the women closest to me as they walked across a road, as naturally as they could with a camera on them. The results were splendid, as imagery of women often is. In collaging these figures against the backdrop of a retro street corner, a location where probably every woman in the world can recall being harassed or degraded, I provided an artistic representation of what it feels like when women reclaim the spaces responsible for their subjugation. I also included two writings on the topic of the nature of patriarchy and its effects on young girls and women. The first of these poems is “Politicize Me”, inspired by both The Handmaid’s Tale and our most recent administration. The second is a poem entitled “The Cup”. In this poem I draw attention to the binary that has been created between men and women, comparing women to water and men to the cups that encase them, hence the presence of various containers in the collage. These containers serve to represent the dynamic between men and women aiding women in their pursuit of
complete liberation, instead of diminishing it. This collage is what the route to equality will look like, a destruction of the status quo, while the poetry discusses the status quo’s treacherous manifestations.


Find the artist and poet on Instagram @hotkaley