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Ebony Tears - #DearAdultWorld

Ebony Tears

Mya Koffie, 15, she/her

How come we have to wait

For a post to go viral

Before our government takes action?

Say what you want; I think we’re entitled

To feel we’ve been cheated out of our ration


Listen to the heavy sounds of

White woman tears

But turn a cheek to screaming mothers

Who are scared for their kids this year

Kids who didn’t get to pick

The color of their skin

Fire snuffed out at the wick

Never thought that life would end

So, so quick…

And yet!

Life ebbed so slow

Someone caught it on film

But did someone yell “no”

Did someone try to stop

The aggressive new low?

Floyd pleaded with that cop

Just as many black men

Have pleaded before!

Yet, it happens again

Headlines grow more and more.


Imagining the weight on his throat

Makes me want to choke

When will we find the antidote?


Maybe when we decide to seek

To push off the oppressors

Giving voices to the meek

To throw off our aggressors

Allowing skin itself to speak


And my skin says enough!

It says open your eyes

While you’re making racist jokes

Another victim dies.

Put the empty songs on the radio

Turn our eyes away from God

The world is full of hate you know

There are victims like Floyd and Ahmaud


It’s eighty degrees but the world’s feeling cold

I’m only fifteen but I’m feeling too old

Shoot at us while we’re running

Whip us around like batter

You’d rather protect your gunning

Then admit that black lives matter?

Police kneeling on a black man’s neck

But get mad at Colin on his knees

Country like Nike, just care about checks…

I thought that our land was supposed to be free.

Find Mya on Instagram @_koffie_photography_

Visual Art by Shakeela Nyakoojo, 18, she/her