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To Our Elected Officials, Respectively - #DearAdultWorld

To Our Elected Officials Respectively

Brinlee Kidd, 17, she/her/hers

Yes I am small
Yes I am scared
Speaking for you all
Now my witnesses beared
So ladies and gentlemen
To which our votes have been cast
Are you afraid to stick your necks out?
although you see temperatures rise fast?
I assure you It’s not a ploy it’s not a rouse
So Will you really keep silent
Because you are scared to lose


And so what if you lose?
Think of what I will lose
Your children will lose their planet instead of your election
icebergs they’ll ask of you
or coral reefs on the seafloor
If you win by ignoring the problem the human race will lose its connection
To our beautiful Earth
An Earth I adore

An Earth I adore and I have to save
So if you choose to tune me out
You’re just fueling the craze
Fueling the fuel industry of fossils and oils
Energy used burned and damaging the air
Trade money for a healthy planet to see Mother Nature recoil
Why must we exchange our morals for a congressional chair?
Think now of the beautiful coral reef
a sight I may never get to see
Because you chose to extract and steal from the planet
All to make our lives a little bit easier


Easy it is to turn away
If you can’t see it
The disaster is kept at bay

But that’s not true
And one day when everything is gone
This day you’ll rue
tears will drip like oil with memory of the whale’s song
And like the rainforest, your pride will be cut down
So hope I have compelled more to your lips than a frown

I hope your lips move
I hope your mouth speaks
We trusted you in this position
So come now don’t be meek
And don’t be mistaken about my perception
I understand the world is not a perfect place
Many problems
some say too large for correction
Have left dreamers behind
ideas lay waste
But without a problem what is a solution?
And so without real passion what is a leader for?
Perhaps our battle will have no set conclusion
But we must still care for our planet being the cause of the sore

Have you ever pondered your life’s purpose?
Ladies and gentlemen this is it
Because in time we have no surplus
Our atmosphere is wearing thin
How do you want to be remembered?
A smiling face in comfortable pocket
Or as voices stinging like winds December
Cooling our world to save It from the ozone socket

Please please I beg of you now
I want to see the lively ocean
I want to see the growing trees
I want to experience life and beauty
That brings me to my knees
I want to see monarch butterflies
I want to see the blue whales
So don’t be the politician who tries

“Landfill Ocean”

Visual Art by: Hannah Lee, 15, she/her/hers