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Each month we ask that you share your thoughts on different topics. Submissions can be in any form of expression that gives “voice” to thoughts and feelings. 

For topic prompts, follow TASC on Instagram @tasc.ish 

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions will only be accepted from teens aged 13-19.
  2. Submissions are accepted at all times. 
  3. Submissions may include written, visual, or audible works.
    • for written submissions, please provide this in a document. 
    • for visual or audible submissions, there is a 10MB file limit on the form. If your file exceeds this, fill out the form and email your file to with Subject: Dear Adult World Submission & ‘your name’.
  4. Topic prompts will be shared monthly on Instagram @tasc.ish. Submissions may be about any topic and do not have to be about the topics we share on social media.
  5. If a submission includes content about the harm of yourself, others, or property we are required to report these incidents. Please do not share these things here. 

*Your safety matters to us! If you are in need of emergency mental health services, please contact the nearest emergency room. If you need help with your mental health and it is not an emergency check out our counseling page at


 * All submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis. We will reach out to you if we plan to use your submission. Just because submissions are uploaded does not mean that they will be used. We may also use the submission at a later date. *