Submission Guidelines
What to Submit

We’re looking for anything that you’re creating to express yourself in our current political climate. All submissions should fit under at least one of our six categories: Identity, Mental Health, Race Politics, Environment, Gender Politics, and/or Gun Reform.

Some examples of what you might submit include (but are not limited to): Articles, Prose, Poetry, Rants, Paintings, Photography, 3D work, Collage, Drawings, Video, Music, Playlists, Comics, Interviews, or Podcasts.    

How to Submit
Submissions must be sent to

Please include your name, age, pronouns, and the issue you’re tackling. If you would like your social media to be published alongside your work, include it in your email. 

You must be at least 13 years old and no older than 19 years old to submit to

If you are submitting a visual art piece or series, we require some form of artist’s statement or rationale (to be published alongside the work). Any visual art sent without this will not be considered for publication. 

If you are submitting some form of writing and have images that correspond, we would be grateful if you include these in your email. Not all images sent to DearAdultWorld will be published, but we may use said images to inform what type of imagery to match with your writing. 

$1,000 Scholarship

In the summer of 2019, we offered a $1,000 scholarship competition. Over two hundred applications were recieved and the winner was announced in mid-August.

A new competition is in the talks, but that does not mean that we are not accepting new submissions. We will continue to publish quality pieces as they come through.


Please be tasteful and artful in your use of mature themes such as drugs, sex, nudity, or violence. We are a website created by teens for teens, and we want your authentic voice to be heard. With that said, please do not incriminate yourself when submitting content to DearAdultWorld. 

If you are submitting work in the category of Mental Illness, please keep in mind that work depicting self harm or suicidal ideations is not likely to be published. Please be sensitive and hyper-aware when creating content regarding these themes and include any necessary trigger warnings when submitting.